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01 Feb, 2024

Clinical Trial Planning: Beyond FTC

Many experts have discussed the Federal Trade Commission’s Health Products Compliance Guidance over the year since its release. Two distinguished experts jump in the intricacies of the Health Products Compliance Guidance. With a focus on clinical trial compliance, Todd and Jayesh will systematically analyze what the FTC explicitly states and beyond providing attendees with actionable insights to bolster their compliance efforts.

11 Oct, 2023

Meet the Experts: Zoom Webcast (Part 2)

Vedic Lifesciences is happy to announce the comeback of its successful 'Meet The Experts' program at Supply Side West 2023! Here's the part 2 of our first-ever Zoom webcast with our Experts Panel. #Andrew Parshad #Douglas Kalman PhD RD #David Keller #Dr. Shalini Srivastava #Jayesh Chaudhary

11 Oct, 2023

Meet the Experts: Zoom Webcast

Vedic Lifesciences is happy to announce the comeback of its successful 'Meet The Experts' program at Supply Side West 2023! Here's our first-ever Zoom webcast with our Experts Panel. #Andrew Parshad #Douglas Kalman PhD RD #David Keller #Dr. Shalini Srivastava #Jayesh Chaudhary

06 Sep, 2023

Clinical Trial Design: Strategies for Success

Is there interest in dietary supplement research? The answer is a resounding yes! Did you know that 16,000 plus dietary supplement studies are registered on popular trial registries like This is amazing and does demonstrate a global excitement about how dietary supplements is real and should not be dismissed. Uncover the secrets to successful Clinical Trial Design in the realm of dietary supplements. Join us for a dynamic debate among experts, where we'll explore the critical components of study design. Secure you spot now!;F:QS!10100&ShowUUID=13C5D2C4-D1B7-4D10-B156-55D18938AD55&AffiliateData=Vedic_Promo

27 Apr, 2023

7 Surprising Tips for your next Clinical Trial To Help Boost Sales

Updated FTC guidelines emphasize the importance of having well-designed clinical trials to support nutraceutical health claims. However, designing and executing clinical research that drives sales and makes your product stand out is a big investment, and can be a daunting task. This webinar from natural product research experts outlines a clear path to success in clinical trials. The webinar will discuss best practices for differentiating dietary supplement and functional food products from the competition using clinical research. In the webinar, our experts will share how to avoid some of the common pitfalls and failures of clinical trial design and execution, and touch on some of the most important details to consider in nutraceutical clinical trial design.

24 Feb, 2023

Turning Clinical Trials into Claims

Key Learning Objectives: - Design clinical trials likely to have the best outcomes with not just consumers but also regulators and marketers - Learn how to turn clinical trial results into marketing claims that customers will trust - Learn what NOT to do when making health claims based on clinical trials - Learn how to turn clinical data into a valuable asset for your brand

28 Oct, 2022

Weight loss clinical trials: Facts & Trends – Key pointers for designing…

Planning a Clinical Study to support a Weight loss claim? Designing and conducting any human study can be a challenge. Although we agree that no size fits all, there are definitely some do’s and don’ts that need to be considered for weight management trials. Let’s hear from our clinical research expert, Maria Fernandez, Professor of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Connecticut on some pointers while planning your next weight loss study What you will learn: - Design & conduct of weight loss clinical trials - How to ensure compliance in clinical studies? - Four must-haves of a successful clinical trial

11 Oct, 2022

The Gut-Joint Axis: A New Target

Key Learning Objectives: (Available on-Demand) - Understand the different health claims linking the symptomatic assessment of joint health and immune health as well as gut microbiota to maximize the impact of an IP - Biomarkers and tools: Learn about gold standards for research on the gut-joint axis and immune-joint axis - Learn the key dos and don’ts of designing a joint-gut-immunity health study (including type of population, statistically drawn sample size, tools, and treatment period). - Learn how to use your gut and immunity product to promote a joint health study - Hear about current trending health studies from CT.GOV and other platforms and the health claims that form the basis and what can be built on that

20 Sep, 2021

Clinical Trials: Optimize the Marketing of Science

Key Learning Objectives: - Learn how to design clinical trials to enhance your branding efforts - Define a strategy for next steps after completing a successful clinical trial - Understand how scientific validation involves strategic business development

07 Sep, 2021

ANY company can sponsor a clinical trial

Key Learning Objectives: - Learn about the opportunities linked to ingredient-/product-specific evidence - Learn what economic factors define clinical trial costs - Learn how to identify and feasibly allocate resources for clinical trials - Get guidance on what products to study, what and when to measure, and the ideal subjects - Find out how to translate data into dollars

20 Mar, 2021

Joint Health Clinical Trials: Evidence-Based Marketing

Key Learning Objectives: (On Demand Until Mar. 30, 2022.) - Get an overview of the roadmap, timeline, and cost modifiers that shape clinical trials assessing joint pain and function - Learn which factors influence the quality and rigor of a study as well as where original research can be published - Gain working knowledge of the spectrum of methods and tools to systematically assess response to an intervention (e.g., a topical gel, a dietary supplement, or a food) - Learn about a unique and instantly actionable form of intellectual property, anchored to a clinical trial investigating a unique composition “We have a clinical trial. Now what?” Learn how to monetize a clinical trial and generate significant independent media coverage at a nominal cost

23 Feb, 2021

The Gut-Brain Axis: Insights on Clinical Trial Design

Key Learning Objectives: (On Demand Until Feb. 23, 2022.) - Understand the role of the gut microbiome in cognitive function, including the microbial signatures for anxiety, depression, and mild cognitive impairment - Hear expert opinion on the selection of study design–related parameters such as study population, sample size, effect size, duration of treatment, and outcome measures with the help of relevant case studies - Learn about specific changes to microbiota and microbial biomarkers measured as part of microbiota-gut-brain-axis clinical trials - Identify some of the key subjective measures (questionnaires and scales) of wellbeing used in these types of studies

24 Oct, 2020

Brain Health Clinical Trials: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Key Learning Objectives: - To better understand how to design clinical trials to enhance your branding efforts - What is hot in cognitive health and what kind of health claims are made globally - Define a strategy for next steps after completing a successful clinical trial - Understanding how scientific validation is a strategic business development activity - Process of an ideal clinical trial and the 4 step design of any clinical trial (Preparation, Documentation, Operations, Statistical Reporting)

12 Jul, 2024

Winner of Nutra Ingredients Awards

This Nutrition Research Project is the clinical development of a popular food supplement, 5-ALA+SFC as an immune system enhancer for the COVID-19 vaccine. While the end of the pandemic

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