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Clinical Trials: Optimize the Marketing of Science

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Event Overview:

Designing and executing a clinical trial requires a lot of planning up front. You need to understand the health condition and expected benefits but also design around regulatory constraints, possible marketing claims, and the utilization of the trial results by product formulators. Thinking about the end-use is an important consideration from the start, including how you are going to market the study, connecting results to B2B customers and consumers. In this webcast, learn how to support your product or ingredient with clinical trials. Then, upon completion, what’s next? How do you get a study published in a peer-reviewed journal? Finally, we discuss marketing the study. What are your best options and approaches?

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to design clinical trials to enhance your branding efforts
  2. Define a strategy for next steps after completing a successful clinical trial
  3. Understand how scientific validation involves strategic business development

Who Should Attend:

  • C-suite executives and board members of branded ingredient companies that have sponsored, or are contemplating sponsoring, clinical trials
  • Product developers that need validated marketing claims for reduced regulatory risk and marketing optimization
  • Ingredient companies that need to establish a competitive advantage
  • Healthcare providers who need to understand the clinical trial process and how it affects them


Mark JS Miller
Kaiviti Consulting LLC

Dr. Mark Miller has made significant contributions as a researcher, entrepreneur, and marketer in the fields of health and medicine. During his three decades as an elite biomedical researcher and medical school professor, he made major discoveries that changed how we approach healthcare and disease. Dr. Miller has been instrumental in advising Vedic Lifesciences and several functional ingredient and finished-goods companies in matters such as study design, new product formulation, and concept development. Just as he has done in academic medicine, Dr. Miller has led a path of transformative disruption in the business world. Dr. Miller has been a successful entrepreneur, product developer, marketer, key opinion and business development leader, and C-suite executive to the private-equity community. Dr. Miller is a self-described historical futurist, a possibility aficionado, an unrepentant coddiwompler, an avid smirker, and a storyteller. Currently, Dr. Miller is a consultant with Kaiviti Consulting, serving the global nutrition and wellness industry.

Jayesh Chaudhary
Founder & CEO
Vedic Lifesciences

Jayesh Chaudhary is a thought leader and innovator in human studies and complete development of evidence-based ingredients. He is founder of Vedic Lifesciences a CRO dedicated to food supplement research and Enovate Biolife, a supplier of award-winning clinically-proven botanical ingredients. Jayesh has been championing the cause of food supplement research since DSHEA 1994.

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