Vedic Lifesciences

Vedic has been focused on Nutraceuticals, Dietary supplements and Branded ingredient preclinical and clinical trials for 22+ years.

Human Clinical Trials

Pilot studies, Proof of concept studies and efficacy Human Clinical Trials – from customized study design to manuscript publishing, Vedic houses end-to-end services. Got a regulatory submission like Novel food and GRAS to make? We cover that as well!

Preclinical Efficacy

Customized rodent models available on and above the available preclinical efficacy study designs for health claims like metabolism, sleep, neurobehavioural, AMPK, anti-diabetes, weight management and more!

Toxicity Studies

Vedic follows global standard OECD guidelines and FDA Red book guidelines available for conducting Toxicity studies. Do you know OECD 443?!

The Vedic Process

Quick glimpse at Vedic’s standard operating procedure for conducting Preclinical safety, efficacy and Toxicity studies

Typical Toxicology Study Process

For a 90 day oral toxicity study as per OECD 408.

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