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Assessment of the Effect of Rehmannia glutinosaLeaf Extract in Maintaining Skin Health: AProof-of-Concept, Double-Blind, Randomized,Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

Twenty-two females aged 18 to 35 years having moderate to severe acne with Global Acne Grading
System (GAGS) scores of 19 to 38 were included in the study and were randomized in a 1:1 ratio to receive either one capsule (100 mg/day) of RGLE or placebo orally after breakfast for 56 days. The primary outcome was a change in acne severity measured by the GAGS compared to the placebo on day 56. The secondary outcomes were changes in the number of inflammatory acne lesions, facial sebum secretion, quality of life, local pain and itching, skin wrinkle severity, and other skin characteristics, including radiance, luminosity, smoothness, texture, firmness, and hydration. Additionally, the percentage of responders and global tolerability and efficacy were evaluated.

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