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Efficacy and safety of two polyherbal combinations in male sexual dysfunction

There was a dearth of well-designed studies on dietary supplements for sexual function in men. The Vedic team chose the gold standard scales used in sildenafil research to assess two doses of HeezOn for the 4 domains of sexual function viz. libido (arousal), erectile function, ejaculatory function (time to ejaculate) and sexual satisfaction. For the first time, we also evaluated the sexual satisfaction of the female partner for a supplement that was taken by the male volunteers. It was a large triple-blind placebo-controlled study with n=147 completers and required vigilant site training, monitoring, and auditing to ensure compliance and limit bias in the absence of any objective assessments. Both doses of HeezOn were well tolerated and better than placebo in improving several domains of sexual function in middle-aged men. This study gave confidence to a DRTV group to successfully launch their brand through TV infomercials in the US in an otherwise controversial category full of unsubstantiated claims.

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