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Your Global Contract Research Partner for Food Supplements

Vedic Lifesciences has been helping food supplement and ingredient companies substantiate health claims across the globe for the last two decades. As a contract research organization (CRO), we have completed more than 400 clinical and preclinical studies in compliance with international regulations. We are among the few GCP-compliant CROs that are fully aligned with the FDA and FTC standards for human studies. Trust us with your product validation and gain from the speed, economy, credibility, and transparency we offer. The data we generate for your product is guaranteed to pass every scientific and legal scrutiny, leaving you free to make the most of your market. Trust, but verify. That’s the Vedic mantra.

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The Vedic Way

Vedic has developed proprietary techniques of planning and running human studies to support competitive food supplement claims.

Vedic Lifesciences for

Clinical Studies

Your Growth Partner

Protocols aligned with your marketing goals

Laser-sharp selection of most suitable assessment tools

Clear, transparent and customer-centric costing process with built-in guarantees

Rapid study start-up thanks to faster recruitment from a ready pool of volunteers, spread across multiple clinical sites

Microfine control of sensitive aspects at investigational sites, especially in placebo-controlled studies using Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs)

GCP compliant processes, documentation and triple-layered quality control of data

Costs up to 40% lower than comparable CROs anywhere in the world

Real-time access to project status reports and study data

Credible, accurate and professional clinical study reports acceptable to global regulatory bodies and scientific journals

High probability of publications and approvals

Early intimation of trends to facilitate change of direction if required

Proactive planning ensures efficient risk management before, during and after the study

Each study is run by a dedicated Study Director and conducted by toxicologists with the right qualification, training, and experience

Independent quality assurance systems and checks guarantee consistent compliance with regulatory guidelines

An audit trail ensures complete access to raw a data generated during the study

Efficient cold chain maintained with data logger if organs or tissues are called for after the study

Allied services like test item stability, impurity analysis, and formulation development also available

Vedic Lifesciences for

Preclinical Toxicology Study

Adherence to OECD and FDA Red Book guidelines, Vedic also does customized safety and efficacy studies, including newly-initiated CBD research.

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Nutraceutical Products developed with our clinical and preclinical studies’ expertise

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Volunteers recruited till date

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Multi-disciplinary sites with specialized team of Medical Professionals PAN India

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Healthcare areas served – Gut, Immunity, Sports, Cognition, Joint – and more!

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Clinical Trials

Safety & Toxicity Studies

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No. That’s a myth. The study need not be necessarily conducted in the same city, state or country where the product is intended to be sold. The study can be conducted in any country as long as the study population fulfills the inclusion and exclusion criteria for the study. Yes, it is true that some countries offer advantages over others. Example: An anti-pollution study is best done in polluted areas like metro cities of China, India or Japan.

We ensure fast recruitment due to the following aspects:
• Well reputed & experienced investigators with large patient pools
• Recruiters hired on contractual basis that have large network groups
• Snowball method – highly effective in India
• Successful referral system
• Fast pre-screening to avoid screening failures

Although we are headquartered in Mumbai and most of our studies take place at investigational sites here, we also conduct studies at sites in other cities to ensure faster recruitment at multiple centers. We choose the study sites based on a comprehensive site feasibility questionnaire that covers both experience and expertise of the investigator and the facilities available at the site for study conduct. We also conduct virtual and on site audits to qualify new sites. A site feasibility report is sent to the sponsor before selecting the site for the study. We also send the CVs of the investigators, the profiles of the clinics, SOPs of the labs etc. for your approval. Hence, you can be rest assured that only the best sites will be selected for your study.

The dietary patterns of Indian population are very similar, in these times, to the US or European countries, with a few modifications. To add to it, we prepare study protocols according to the requirement of the claim to be substantiated and strictly adhere to the inclusion and exclusion criteria mentioned. Participants record their daily intake of food on calorie counting mobile applications and report their activity levels. Participants in weight management studies, for eg., are asked to maintain the same levels of diet and exercise that they were practicing before the study started. We also carefully evaluate the Indian spices or condiments and other food supplements that should be avoided during the study and mention in the study protocol accordingly. The participants are literate who are explained the study protocol thoroughly by the study coordinators. Thus, we don’t face any issues of non-compliance to the protocol in our studies.

Yes, only 10% of Vedic’s customer base is from India. Others are mostly from the United States, Europe, Australia and China. We are well aware about the regulatory requirements and marketing trends in each of these regions.

Read our 'Trial Transcripts'

At Vedic Lifesciences, we strive to create award-winning products for you from concept to claim. Vedic has completed close to 100 claim substantiation clinical trials for companies from all over the world including APAC, North America and the EU. This quarter, we selected a few interesting projects to talk about and here’s what our project managers had to share.

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