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We are equipped to conduct the following toxicity studies in accordance with the FDA Redbook and OECD guidelines

  • OECD 423

    Acute oral toxicity in rodents

  • OECD 407

    Repeated dose 28-days oral toxicity in rodents

  • OECD 408

    Repeated dose 90-days oral toxicity in rodents

  • OECD 471

    AMES Test (Genetic Toxicity / Carcinogenic Potential by Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test) in vitro

  • OECD 473

    Mammalian Chromosomal Aberration Test in vitro

  • OECD 474

    Mammalian Erythrocyte Micronucleus Test in vivo

  • OECD 421/422

    Reproduction & Development Toxicity Studies in Rat