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“Do they really work?” – asked the immigration ….

Asked the officer at US immigration to Jayesh, one of our founders, on arrival at O’Hare International Airport, Chicago in 2001. And he answered “of course these food supplements work”. The officer was ok, but Jayesh himself became uneasy. At that time, consumer interest was driven mostly by trust. Where is the scientific evidence, he wondered. Where is the authentic knowledge of the products’ health benefits? Jayesh felt the supplement market needed some “Veda” (Sanskrit for “knowledge”). Thus began the clinical and preclinical research services at Vedic Lifesciences.

Committed to maintaining the highest standards of verifiable data, Vedic was one of the early adopters of Good Clinical Practices (GCP), the gold standard in quality systems for human studies. Today, Vedic is more compliant with FTC and FDA standards than most other providers. Ask us why.

Our clients trust us, because we are verifiable.
We are Vedic.



Vedic Lifesciences established as a CRO starting with literature support and claims review services.


First clinical trial for a joint health product from Baidyanath, one of India’s leaders in Ayurvedic products


First international study of a joint health supplement, for a US-Canadian sponsor


Vedic clears international audit for GCP and ISO standards


Global CROs (like Phytomed Services, Germany and Amarex Clinical Research, USA) partner with Vedic for preclinical and clinical studies


Vedic signs clinical research collaboration agreement with Cyberjaya Medical University, Malaysia, facilitated by Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation


Vedic collaborates with Hong Kong based TCM company for development of range of medical devices


Strategic tie-up with Anixis Biomedical Consulting, USA


Approval to enroll 360 volunteers in IBS study for UAS Laboratories, USA