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Renowned natural product and biotechnology expert. Wide experience in the techno-commercial aspects of nutraceutical Industry.

Dr. Mark Miller, USA

Musculoskeletal and gut health

Professor of Kinesiology and Exercise Medicine, University of California. Expert in exercise physiology, improving sports performance, nutrition, weight control and environmental effects on exercise.

Robert Girandola, USA

Kinesiology and biomechanics

Director of the American College of Sports Medicine (India). Attached to several wellness organizations related to sports, heart health and rehabilitation.

Dr. Ashish Contractor, India

Rehabilitation and sports medicine

Former Medical Director, Pfizer. Avid supporter of adaptive trial designs and other innovations in clinical research of natural products.

Dr. Arun Nanivadekar, India

Statistics and trial design

Associate Professor, Department of Aging and Geriatric Research, University of Florida. Heads the clinical research division and is also associated with clinical and health psychology.

Dr. Steve Anton, USA


Has headed several biotech R&D units. Invaluable support for rapid regulatory assessment strategies for faster product commercialization, optimizing product development time and cost.

Costas Loullis, USA

Strategic planning