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Have a new product idea or product claim? We help you validate existing strategy or propose new directions. Either ways, the experts @ Vedic Lifesciences have you covered. Write us.

  • Formula Design
  • Label Review
  • Claim Defense
  • Communication
  • Clinical Studies
  • Toxicity Studies
  • GRAS and NDI
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Product Development
  • Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Virtual Clinical Studies
  • Claim Substantiation
  • IP counseling and acquisition

Our Experts

Mark J S Miller
Mark J S Miller

Elite biomedical researcher, nutraceutical product innovator and regulatory expert with decades of experience in academic research and techno-commercial roles on the supplement side. Dr. Miller is a prolific speaker, author, social media influencer and KOL bringing immense value in product and claims design, consumer education and research planning.

Costas Loullis

Served in positions as company Officer, SVP and EVP with responsibility for product development, formulation, clinical trials, regulatory, manufacturing and IP. Has shepherded numerous products from concept to market. Dr. Loullis helps dietary supplement clients with strategic planning, formula design and business development

Costas Loullis
Don Brown
Don Brown

A Naturapathic physician, leading authority on the safety and efficacy of dietary supplements, evidence-based herbal medicine, and probiotics. Hundreds of clients have benefited from Dr. Brown’s expertise in consumer communication, continuing education, claims defence and research planning and management.

Blake Ebersole

Having lead several functions from concept to market, Blake Ebersole has everything that it takes for brand success. Quality management, natural product chemistry, analysis and control, regulatory, IP, communication, setting and managing safety and claims substantiation studies are some of his key expertise.

Blake Ebersole
Jayesh Chaudhary
Jayesh Chaudhary

Managing India’s first and only CRO dedicated to natural products, Mr. Chaudhary’s experience in strategy and execution of clinical and toxicology studies efficiently is unparalleled in the industry. He’s your go-to expert for claims substantiation and GRAS/NDI work.

Gideon Eckhouse

Gideon Eckhouse is a Patent and Trademark attorney with a focus on natural products. He provides strategic plans for acquiring intellectual property rights. Mr. Eckhouse is an author of articles discussing intellectual property trends in natural products.

Gideon Eckhouse

Our Expertise

  • Market analysis and competitive landscaping for existing or new products

  • Consumer Surveys to assess new launches or old

  • Formula Design with scientific literature support for claims

  • Product development combining modern medical principles and traditional knowledge

  • Recommending Ingredients and suppliers for new formula

  • Coordinating communication between clients and scientific staff at ingredient suppliers

  • Label Claim Designing, Review and Regulatory defense

  • Providing written expert review and opinion on substantiation for advertising claims

  • Clinical review and summary for advertising claims challenges from the National Advertising Division (NAD)

  • Supporting current or proposed claims with scientific literature for legal or marketing

  • Designing consumer communication to engage, educate and establish brand loyalty

  • Continuing education programs for healthcare professionals

  • Presentations at industry events or webinars

  • Recommending strategy and designing preclinical and clinical studies for claim substantiation

  • Recommending academic research partners and CROs and monitoring on-going studies

  • Randomized Controlled Trials

  • Virtual Clinical Trials

  • Toxicity Studies for GRAS and NDI

  • Observational Trials & Case Reports

  • GRAS and NDI review and submission

  • Adverse Event Reporting