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Tap rich talent at source

India is a rich source of talent in science and its application. Many Indians are leaders in academic and commercial spheres all over the world. You get to tap this talent at source.

Mumbai, ideal research capital

Mumbai, the base of Vedic’s operations, is the most prosperous and most populous city of India. Vedic has access to 4000 prospective study volunteers, 200 doctors and 200 hospitals of which 2 clinics are dedicated to sports.

Same lifestyles and disorders

The gene pool may be different, but Mumbai offers researchers almost the same environmental and wellness issues for a meaningful study.

Ethical yet friendlier regulations

While Indian regulations ensure all studies are conducted ethically, as of now, condition-specific studies are not subject to investigational new drug (IND) rules.

the india edge

As a contract research organization based in India for the global food-supplement and nutraceutical market, Vedic offers clients several unmatched advantages in terms of faster completion, greater efficiency in processes and costs, and absolute transparency.

  • 01Strategic insights for innovative study design and tools.
  • 02Research processes and reports compliant with ICH-GCP standards. Our findings about your product will stand up to scrutiny in your destination market.
  • 03Ready pool of patients with diverse profiles and therapeutic indications enables speedy recruitment even for studies with a large sample size, with high retention.
  • 04Experience of managing complex multi-centric trials.
  • 05Network of qualified and approved investigators to ensure uniform research quality regardless of the location of the study.
  • 06Independent central laboratory that ensures integrity of samples and consistent results.
  • 07Professional, independent Quality Assurance team to ensure consistent data and documentation quality.
  • 08All data transparent, traceable and instantly accessible.
  • 09Complete and transparent reporting that facilitates critical appraisal and interpretation in accordance with Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT).